Sunday, April 10, 2016

Promises lyrics - Debbie Gibson

[from "The Music In Me" soundtrack]

Promises made, promises broken
That was my song
Only song that I knew
I never kept one
My heart was not open
No but now, you see me new

The rose beyond the promise
Is all I've come to be
Because I kept that promise
Oh not made to me

Promises made, promises broken
No that is not who I am
Now its all in
What is unspoken
And all can believe once again

Rejoice, rejoice
We are one song one voice
And we are free
Just sing
Sing strong
We know where we belong
No one can never break it
When you see the promise bloom

Promises made, promises broken
The only song
I ever knew
Now we're all in
And here with hearts open
Standing in whats true

The rose beyond that promise
Before you, yeah that's me
And I'm delivering